Markets. Earthwork.

Roden Crater, Phase IA-1
Flagstaff, AZ

Project Info
$7.3 M
93% Self-performed
Construction of a light observatory in an extinct volcano crater. The bowl was reshaped moving about 700,000 CY of cinders to create a truncated inverted cone, elliptical in shape, with the top level at a constant elevation. Tunnel excavation required moving another 400,000 CY. The three structures were connected by 1200' of underground tunnels using concrete that was produced at an onsite batch plant and placed by crane and bucket.
  • Sun & Moon – 42' diameter x 18' high
  • Portal – 32' x 50' elliptical with 20' ceiling
  • Craters Eye – 44' diameter x 16' high
Also included was a concrete four bedroom lodge buried in the cinder cone side. Upon completion of the tunnel, the site was restored to its original appearance.